let's debunk the new secret? Imagining 10 dimensions....

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Zero offense, but this may be the new "Secret". It isn't working with anything "real". It is like the conjecture of someone who sounds good, but there is no depth.

He is violating laws within String Theory, and that is becoming a vestige in light of it's inconsistencies. I know that Superstring suggest 10 dimensions, but it only *suggests* 10 dimensions because for the math to work, consistency needs string theory to hold 10.

Science does not *try* to prove anything. Science interprets data and arrives at the most plausible theory until a new set of data or more plausible theory comes long. It is revisionistic, and it is not an argument on authority. That being said (I know that is an ideal concept, without human ego interfering):

Scientists *have* been trying to prove string theory for a long time, and frankly... it is like trying to cement together the loose ends of an incomplete theory. Quantum Mechanics is a young field, and it will be much more elegant than Superstring. Gravity will be explained in a much more beautiful way. Frankly... I think it *will* look something like this.... and I *DO* think E8 math is a plausible place to start.

(I think the below is one of the most elegant and stunning concepts in the history of man)...


And.... There are four dimensions... anything after that quickly becomes untestable and way too abstract to consider science. This falls into a new age paradigm of quantum quackery.

As for the 10th Dimension dude......

Be wary here. Very slick presentation of absolutely nothing. The author is a musician, and no science background at all. The reviews flashing on the screen are from random shmoes on amazon and barnes and yet representing them as if they were legitimate peer reviews.

I understand a little quantum mechanics. Not the new age redefined hokum quantum mechanics but the proper discourse. 10 dimensions is a little bizarre.... it is very arbitrary. We are working in something like 26 dimensions with certain physic/mathematician philosophers, but there aren't more than 8 in our physical plain. And I don't even believe that. When you are talking.. ARGH!

How is it possible that we move from infiniity to a finite as we progress through each dimension? Really, it doesn't make sense. And the idea of folding really .. uhh... seems... uhh.. totally made up and arbitrary. You don't move through dimensions by folding. That is way out there.

I need more time with this, but on first glance I am not sure there is reason too.
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  • sorry this stuff gets me goin'!

    (at the end of the video, it actually says "this is not an accepted explanation of string theory")

    uhh... that sort of kills it all right there. It disappoints me there is so much awesome stuff to try and understand and learn in our world, and we get sidelined by people trying to sell a book.